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Need help with personal bankruptcy or Oregon divorce forms?

Why struggle with an ugly pile of court forms?

Let an experienced document preparer help you handle your own divorce or bankruptcy filing. Save yourself the aggravation of completing the forms on your own. Let us have the headaches!

We offer complete, fast, low-cost professional document preparation and simple filing instructions for your uncontested divorce filing or Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit my website. I'm Kathleen Kindred, a professional document preparer from Portland, Oregon.

Oregon Divorce Services

We will prepare all documents necessary to complete your uncontested divorce. You may wish to consult an attorney prior to filing to have your documents reviewed and to get your legal questions answered.

In uncontested situations, you and your spouse decide between you how assets and debts will be divided. If you need help reaching an agreement, you may wish to try mediation. Contact our office if you would like a referral to a mediator. Some of the things you will need to decide upon are how you and your spouse will divide your real property, personal property, retirement assets, and marital debts, if any.

There are state guidelines regarding child support. Armed with the following information you can easily have child support computed for you at the web site listed below: Gross monthly income for you and your spouse, the number of overnights the children will spend with each parent, the cost of health insurance for the children, and the cost of day care for the children. Click here for the Child Support Guidelines Calculator.

We can also assist you with legal separation, child custody forms for unmarried couples and dissolution of domestic partnership.

Oregon Bankruptcy Services

Our service is for people who are filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy and wish to represent themselves, but want the added assurance of knowing that their paperwork has been expertly prepared to meet the court's requirements. Some of the information you will need to gather in order to have your documents prepared is: a list of creditors including creditor's name and address, amount owed and account number; a list of all personal property and it's current value, your current monthly income and deductions, your current monthly expenses and your gross income for the past two years.

When representing yourself in court, it is extremely important that you understand the process. Please read our important disclosures. Basic information about how bankruptcy court works can be found by reviewing the FAQ's at the Bankruptcy Court's website.

"We are a debt relief agency. We help people file bankruptcy under the US Bankruptcy Code."